Dealing With a Compressor That Continually Freezes Up?

Icy buildup accounts for many State College AC repairs. Ice initially appears on the indoor cooling coil. It can then work its way outside and generate frost on the refrigerant line. Ice can then move along the refrigerant line to the outdoor condenser unit where you might discover a frozen AC compressor. Frosty buildup can be caused by many different things, so pinpointing and treating the source of the problem can be challenging.

Why Does Ice Collect on AC Units?

Frozen compressors, icy coils, and frosty refrigerant lines are all a product of evaporator coils that are too cold. Nearby moisture in warm air condenses on the cooling coils and freezes. That can make the compressor run hot and burn out. The compressor could also freeze up. If it does, indoor air will feel warmer than it should. The compressor is the most expensive component of your air conditioner. It pays to schedule AC repairs promptly.

What Can Cause a Frozen Compressor?

  • A clogged air filter that’s limiting the amount of air that’s moving over the cooling coil.
  • Insufficient refrigerant or too much refrigerant that are causing icy buildup while destroying your compressor.
  • A broken blower motor that’s not funneling warm air over the cooling coil.
  • A broken expansion valve that’s not properly controlling how much refrigerant enters the cooling coil.
  • A blocked condensate drain line that’s causing water to collect in one place where it can easily freeze.
  • A dirty evaporator coil that’s blocking the flow of air as it travels across the cooling coil.

Icy air conditioners need prompt attention. Triangle Heating & Cooling is on the job 24/7 to assist you with emergency service. Call us at (814) 355-7653 for speedy AC repairs.

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