Is Your Commercial HVAC System on its Last Leg?

As a business owner or building maintenance professional, keeping the cost of operating your HVAC system as low as possible is essential to maintain proper cash flow for your company. Recognizing the warning signs that it may be time for a commercial HVAC replacement can help you to plan more efficiently. Here are three clear indications that it may be time to upgrade or replace your Bellefonte, PA commercial HVAC system in the near future.

Your HVAC System Is Over 10 Years Old

According to ENERGY STAR, systems older than 10 years are far less efficient than those produced today. By replacing your current air conditioning system with a newer, more efficient model, you can potentially save as much as 20 percent on the cost of cooling your commercial building.

You Notice Dust on Surfaces in Your Building

Increased dust and particulates in your indoor air can cause serious issues for your customers, your staff and guests to your building. According to the Indoor Air Quality Association, particulates can cause a wide range of health problems that include increased risk of asthma attacks and respiratory illnesses. Scheduling a commercial HVAC replacement can often reduce the dust and particulates to improve your building’s indoor air quality.

Your System No Longer Keeps Your Building Comfortable

One of the most common signs that your HVAC system may be near the end of its useful life is an inability to keep your building cool enough in summer and warm enough in winter. If you have noticed a significant reduction in your indoor comfort, it may be time to schedule an evaluation of your current system by qualified service technicians in your area.

At Triangle Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we specialize in helping our customers to keep their cool in summer and to stay warm in the winter months in Bellefonte, PA. If you see any of the warning signs that your commercial HVAC system may be failing, give our qualified service technicians a call today. We can provide you with the commercial HVAC replacement services you need to keep your building comfortable during every season of the year.

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