Why Invest in a New Two-Stage Furnace?

Are you looking for new ways to control your Lewistown, PA home’s energy bill? Smart or programmable thermostats aren’t the only innovative technology to consider. A two-stage furnace allows you to deliver a lower heat output on mildly cold days while reserving high-heat settings for more severe weather. That flexibility is an asset when you consider the unpredictable nature of winter temperatures here in central Pennsylvania.

No More Temperature Fluctuations

Does your heating system create slight fluctuations in temperature as the air cools enough to kick on the heater? That up and down of your indoor temperature is eliminated with a two-stage furnace. The lower heat setting runs more consistently than a single-stage furnace, delivering a slower but more consistent stream of warm air.

That regulates your indoor temperature for nonstop comfort. It also reduces the noise of your furnace kicking on and off at all hours of the day and night.

Cleaner Indoor Air

A two-stage furnace spends most of its operational time on that low, continuous setting, which creates a steady flow of air through the filter. That slower, more consistent stream of air allows the filter to remove more contaminants. This produces cleaner air that is less likely to stimulate your allergies or kick off a flare of asthma.

Improved Efficiency

Since two-stage furnaces mostly operate at the slower speed, it’s likely to run more efficiently than most older furnaces. Testing completed by the Department of Energy found that two-stage furnaces could reduce electricity consumption by approximately 11% and overall energy consumption by about 3%.

That may not seem like a lot, but it can translate into significant savings if your current furnace is extremely inefficient. If you don’t need to replace your current furnace, a two-stage system may not deliver enough savings to justify the investment. If you know your system is consuming far too much energy, you could save a substantial amount by upgrading to a two-stage furnace or another modern system.

To learn more about two-stage furnaces and other quality heating equipment, read about your heating options on our website and call us at (814) 424-9119.

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